Wethersfield Democratic Town Committee Elections

January 11, 2012

Tonight I will be attending the elections of the Democratic Town Committee in Wethersfield. This is a bi-annual event that few people outside politics know about or participate in. Yet this election is one of the most important events because being a member of the committee gives you a vote and voice in the direction of the local party. The party committee elects delegates to the larger conventions and also nominates candidates for local office. For anyone who wants to have a voice in the political process joining the committee is an important first step. Unlike Hartford or other big cities there is no competition for the town committee seats.

If anything interesting happens I’ll update this post later tonight. My prediction is that things will be pretty quiet. For better or worse the majority of the town seems to be unengaged and I think the biggest hurdle the committee as a whole faces is finding ways to get more people involved.

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