An Early Start to the Presidential Campaign

July 05, 2011

I met with a summer organizer from the Obama campaign today. The campaign and Democratic National Committee have been hounding me for money and I eventually had to ask them to take me off their list. When the organizer called I almost gave it to her, but was glad that she was not asking for money. I think its a smart step to start out early but am wary of the lack of coordination with the party. Having been involved for many years I have seen the animosity created by the building of parallel organizations between the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee. This sentiment has been echoed both within College Democrats and town committee circles. People are asked to volunteer for both and there ends up being a lack of efficient coordination and management. If the various democratic campaigns worked together and coordinated their efforts there would be greater payoff for everyone. Unfortunately it seems the weakened importance of the party has made this difficult.

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