Thoughts on Convention - Did Merrick Follow My Advice?

June 27, 2010

I spent the afternoon at the state convention today. I volunteered for Dan Malloy’s campaign and served as a proxy delegate for my town.   This was my first time inside a democratic convention and there was no shortage of drama and surprise. The focus of the night was obviously on Merrick Alpert and Richard Blumenthal. A lot of people seem to still be bothered by the fact Blumenthal has not apologized, but this did not show when it came to the roll call. I was extremely surprised to see Chairwoman DiNardo recognize Merrick Alpert, and then even more surprised to see him withdraw his nomination. This was something similar to what I suggested a little while back here on MyLeftNutmeg. I do not know if Merrick read or one of his people read my comment or if he decided to do it on his own, but I think his speech was appropriate and really did what was needed to offset the defiant and angry tone that I think put off a lot of members of the party. It was pure class.

As far as Blumenthal goes his speech was decent. I think his message is fine and he was obviously among friends. I think there is a lot of room for forgiveness for those that have known him and seen his work as Attorney General for the many past years. The question is whether the general electorate will feel the same way.

I also wanted to comment on the sign waving and campaign volunteers outside. I was waving signs for Malloy and the Lamont people were there too. I found that both sides were respectful of each other and I did not see any conflicts or fights erupt. Here is to hoping tomorrow is the same. I think it is important for people to support their campaigns and be proud of their candidates.

Tomorrow I will be at the convention volunteering and again serving as a proxy delegate later in the day. I’ll be tweeting updates of interesting things that happen if you’d like to follow.

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