Why Nobody is Happy with Hybrid

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The Underfunded IRS

From the New York Times:

Adding to the pain: A hodgepodge of data storage systems that do not communicate with each other has handicapped customer service workers at the I.R.S., who often cannot determine why a tax return has stalled in the process.

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Opening a Restaurant in Boston Takes 92 Steps

From Inc.

Opening a barbershop takes 81 steps in Boston, 68 in Atlanta, and 66 in Jacksonville, Florida. Opening a bookstore takes 74 steps in Newark, New Jersey, 46 in Atlanta, and 44 in Indianapolis, New Orleans, and Seattle. How much protection does the public need from a bookstore? What would be the public harm if there were too many?

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Weekend Links

A few things that I wanted to share from the past week:

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Interview with GPT-3, Who is Secretly a Squirrel

From AI Weirdness:

Reporter: What do you say to people who doubt that you are a squirrel?

GPT-3: I say that they should come and see for themselves. I am a squirrel, and I am very happy being one.

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