Wikipedia Gets a Glow Up

January 20, 2023

Wikimedia Foundation announced the release of a Wikipedia redesign this week. I was surprised because I do not think I have seen the Wikipedia design change in many years. Take a look and make a contribution after you read something interesting.

Why It Matters

Wikipedia is a treasure of the Internet and it was starting to feel a bit dated. This redesign makes Wikipedia a bit easier to use and navigate.

What I Like

  • The navigation bar on the left for the table of contents.
  • Better spacing for menu items and labels.
  • Using color and an underline to delineate the currently selected menu item.

What is Missing

  • Wikitext markup is still confusing compared to Markdown.
  • Inline section header links.

Go Deeper

Refactoring UI is a book from the authors of Tailwind CSS on improving user interfaces.

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