Why I Love Remote Work

December 13, 2022

One of the best things about joining TED has been being part of a remote team. As someone who has not been diagnosed with, but am certain I have an auditory processing disorder, being able to collaborate on Slack and using other written communication as the primary way to work makes it much easier.

Why It Matters

In my last role most folks communicated their needs orally in meetings, and I missed a lot. It took a lot of effort to focus and I had to take extensive notes to be able to process the things they wanted from me. It was easy to miss stuff when nothing was written. It was also mentally exhausting. Remote work allows people like me to not just succeed, but flourish.

Other Advantages to Remote Work

  • No commute.
  • Easy to flex your time to accommodate an appointment.
  • No need to dress up.

The Downside

Being stuck in my house, especially in the dark winter months can be depressing. I try and go for a morning run or walk to mitigate it and get outside before my day starts.

I Still Love Seeing People

While being remote is great for the work aspect of things, being able to travel for conferences and events is something I enjoy. I like meeting my co-workers in person and getting a chance to socialize, even if it is not frequent. Seeing folks that are usually on a video screen or a text box gives a new dimension to the relationships. If I’m going to a meetup or conference, I now have a stronger preference for in-person to get the social aspect.

Screen Sharing is Better for Pair Programming

The other thing I learned when going remote is screen sharing in Slack or Tuple is better than pair programming at the same computer. The ability to see, type in, and draw on someone’s screen makes it easier to communicate than being confined to words or awkwardly trying to take the keyboard from them.

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