What Washington DC Does Right

December 20, 2022

I am back from Washington DC and was impressed at how all the institutions have upped their game. Exhibits now use lots of large displays, speakers, touchscreens, and projectors to tell multimedia stories. You’re not merely looking at items mounted to a wall with a text description. If you have not been in the past few years it is worth taking a trip, which is an inexpensive and short plane ride from Boston. Once you get there, there are plenty of activities to fill-up your time over a week.

Where to Stay

We enjoyed basing ourselves out of the Dupont Circle neighborhood. However there are lots of options across the city whether you want an upscale hotel or an affordable AirBnb.

Public Transit Works via Phone App

Like London and New York City, you can load your public transit fare onto your Apple or Android Wallet. This is convenient, but took me a few tries to understand how to line up the phone with the target to work properly every time. Boston visibly has the targets for this system, but continues to delay implementing it.

What We Saw

Where We Ate

How Long to Stay

We made a long weekend out of it because that is what we had. But you can easily spend a week or two if you want to fully enjoy each of the museums.

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