The Qualities of Great Design

December 06, 2022

WWDC 2018 had a worthwhile session on the qualities of great design. Apple Design Evangelist Lauren Strehlow interviews several software designers to learn from them what good design is.

Why It Matters

Design can be a field that seems to run on feeling as much as it does on skill. As a software engineer I have often demurred or declined to participate in design discussions for lack of expertise. However as builders of software we sometimes are called upon to create something on our own. Having basic design principles can make a big difference.

The Traps

Watch out for these red flags in your work:

Being Passionate About Design Can be Like Being a Football Fan

I have worked with folks that have had varying degrees of design experience. Many novices discover design resources and become passionate about it. This does not make them experts. Lots of people watch and have opinions about football and football teams. This does not mean they can coach a team to victory. The proof is always in the results: look at folks past work to judge whether they have the skills to design quality.

Go Deeper

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