Urban League Heat Pump Accelerator Week One

August 10, 2022

We launched the Urban League Heat Pump Accelerator project at Code for Boston last night with about twenty people showing up to volunteer! If you want to get involved we now have five groups, described below you can pick from to join. In order for any of the links to Slack channels below to work for you, you will need to join the Code for Boston Slack Team.

  • #urban-league-app-design-frontend — if you are a designer or front-end developer. They will be working on the app interface for Urban League outreach workers that will be going door to door to help folks in Boston neighborhoods convert to heat pumps.
  • #urban-league-data-analysis — if you are a data analyst or scientist interested in developing the scoring of the dataset to prioritize the outreach workers outreach work. Before any full analysis is done here they will have to connect with folks at Heat Smart Alliance to get a qualitative understanding of what makes a good candidate for a conversion and then translate it into an algorithm that can score based on the data in the linked in dataset.
  • #urban-league-partnerships — if you are interested in helping expand impact of the project by connecting with government and non-profit orgs outside Urban League.
  • #urban-league-backend — if you are interested in the data import process into a Postgres database, and developing a backend and API, likely in Ruby on Rails. Also DevOps/AWS work will live here and later things like the account/identity services for the app design team above.
  • #urban-league-marketing — if you are interested in telling the story of our work as the project progresses.

We will be setting individual team goals and start hacking on importing the City of Boston dataset into a Postgres database next week.

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