Beats Fit Pro Review

August 18, 2022

The Beats Fit Pro are flawed but impressive earbuds for working out and everyday use. The audio quality and noise cancelling are uncanny. However the wing used to hold the buds in place is hard to secure and hurts. Despite this, these buds are a step up from the Powerbeats Pro.

My primary use for these earbuds is running. I decided to stick with Beats because Powerbeats Pro were the first earbuds I purchased that my sweat did not destroy. Sadly they suffered from a persistent failure to charge in their case. I started many runs with a dead earbud. Fitting the ear loop between my sunglasses and Halo headband has been awkward as well. So far the Beats Fit Pro resolve all these issues. I have never feared the earbuds falling out when I secure the wing in place. It does not hurt me while I am on my run, but the pressure is slightly uncomfortable and may be less than ideal on especially long runs. I feel residual pain when I remove the wings, and have learned to slip them off in a way that reduces irritation. These are far from perfect, but they are good.

The noise cancellation is uncanny. Where I used my AirPods 2 on public transit and my Powerbeats while running there are always times where I have had to turn up the volume to hear things. With noise cancellation enabled on the Beats Fit Pro, this is much less of an issue. Sometimes it feels too good. I find myself using the transparency mode a lot of the time running to feel safe and aware of my surroundings. They did a great job.

I do not know how they compare to other earbuds, but I can say these are worth a buy if you are a runner. I would skip them if you are not. I do not think they are perfect, but they do a great job. I will continue to run them for at least a year. However, I am still waiting for the next AirPods Pro for my daily wear earbuds.

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