Why You Should Try Figma

August 23, 2020

On Friday someone recommended I try Figma for a work project. Figma is an application prototyping and design tool. Before software developers code an application together Figma allows designers to experiment with and test different designs. It also provides tools to translate those designs into code. If you are designing an application you should consider a design tool, and if you do not have a favorite yet you should try Figma.

Figma is fast. It is the most responsive web application I have used. They use WebAssembly to run desktop class C++ in the browser. Their Electron application feels as responsive as a native Mac application. Figma showcases that web applications can work great if you focus on performance.

Figma also has a small learning curve. The user interface is intuitive and they provide plenty of tutorials on their site. I especially liked the single key shortcuts for tools. It is easier to remember “F” for frame than thinking about the keyboard combination that goes with it. After reading the Getting Started guide I was prototyping in about an hour. There is still plenty to learn, but it’s simple to start.

Finally Figma is collaborative. It is the Google Docs of design tools. You can share with others

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