Running with Champions

June 23, 2018

Tomorrow is the BAA 10K, the second in the BAA Distance Medley. I am excited as the weather is supposed to be nice and my friend Marco is coming up from Connecticut to run it with me. It is also one of the fastest 10K courses in the country. So I should be able to make a good time on it. My hope is that I will beat the time that I made in my Salem 10K last summer. Given that this race occurs earlier in the season that may be tough, however.

As a part of this race series the BAA held a pre-race clinic at their Boston Marathon Runbase. It was a great experience to see Boston Marathon winners Meb and Des. The thing I love so much about this sport is that we are running in the same exact race as the most elite athletes in the world. I probably won’t be hitting the basketball court with Michael Jordan or play baseball against Big Papi or football with Tom Brady, but in running we all get to be in the same race.

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