Video Friday - Steve Jobs Sloan Lecture

April 06, 2018

Yesterday I started watching clips from this talk by Steve Jobs at MIT while he was at NeXT. A few interesting tidbits include:

  1. Jobs love of object oriented software programming as a big leap over previous technologies. He explained how object oriented programming let people write programs much more quickly.
  2. Jobs talked about the importance of betting on people. He notes: “I now take a longer-term view on people. We’re building a team here and we’re going to do great stuff for the next decade and not just the next year. So what do I need to do to help the person that is screwing up learn, versus how do I fix the problem?”
  3. “The code that is the fastest to write is the code you don’t write. We do this by enabling developers to use objects and libraries that others have written.”

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