Appreciating Art

March 29, 2018

Yesterday I attended Art in the Age of the Internet at the ICA in Seaport. They held an event for the technology community in Boston and the fun part was that in addition to the regular exhibit they had some pop-up VR demos and offered talks to contextualize the work. Art has two components: the work itself and then the story behind it. Getting that story can help you understand and interpret the art itself.

One of the biggest challenges with art and art museums to me has been accessibility. Folks who are into art seemed to already know and understand how to view and appreciate it. I did not. When I was at Berkman Klein I had the privilege of having some artists as colleagues and began to better understand it. The ICA, by contextualizing art through talks and facilitated conversations in addition to the written descriptions, has taken the initiative to make art accessible to everyone.

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