The Apple Watch Event

March 09, 2015

This afternoon I watched the Apple Watch event. In addition to the watch Apple unveiled a new MacBook and refreshed their MacBook Pro with Retina Display. We finally learned about the widely variable pricing of the watches and their release date. Overall it was exciting to see the improvements but I am not sure what is going on with this new laptop.

Apple has now abandoned its MagSafe and Thunderbolt connectors for a single USB-C type connector. This seems silly to me on two fronts. The first is that the lack of a Thunderbolt port precludes the use of the computer with the thunderbolt display and other accessories. The second is that users lose the advantage of the connector that does not cause the computer to fly across the room if it is tripped. However based on everyone else’s enthusiasm I am clearly not in the target market for this unit.

The new keyboard seems interesting but the initial reviews are not strong. The new trackpad, however, has been getting rave feedback. I am excited to experience it. I think that Apple opted to replace it not just for the feature, but also because from an unscientific sample of friends, the trackpad click is one of the things that seems to most often break on MacBook Pros.

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