Using GitHub

December 05, 2014

A year or two ago I learned about and started using GitHub. I have not put many of my projects on my GitHub account because some are properietary and confidential and others are not ready yet to be public. In Chemistry class we learned about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, the idea that observing a phenomena changes it. I believe this is as much the case with software development as it is with electrons. So one of my new resolutions is going to be to do more of my development and projects in the open. Hopefully this will push to me to be a bit more organized, less lazy, and to document more. As a part of that I updated my first repo so that it is easier to digest and included a PDF of the presentation I made to the Civic Hack Night group at SeeClickFix back in March.

I also made my first contribution to another project, known as a pull request, by uploading 2012 shapefiles for Connecticut’s voting precincts. It did not require any coding on my part, but it was a fun milestone to help someone out with their project.

I am currently in the process of reading John Foreman’s Data Smart book so you will soon see some data analysis projects in my GitHub account. Let me know if you have any suggestions for data sets I should wrangle.

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