A Note for Those Wishing to Connect on Social Media

January 20, 2014

So I have not had the time to sit down and write a proper reflective post on 2013. Things have been in flux over the past couple months but I recently was offered the privilege of working for the Connecticut Democratic Party for the 2014 election cycle. While I had spent time extensively searching for legal work, and going to numerous interviews, the market unfortunately did not present an opportunity that fit well with my legal interests and background. I helped out at the state party for a couple weeks leading up to the 2013 election and enjoyed it very much. As the party’s new Deputy Data Director I get to use my technology skills, and many of the analytical and research skills that I honed in law school.

With this new position I have seen an influx of people that wish to connect on social media. I am generally liberal when it comes to accepting requests on social media. My facebook profile is open to the world and I usually use it to disseminate interesting articles. I also tweet interesting articles, but will also use twitter for ranting, (not so) witty comments, and chatting. I also maintain a LinkedIn profile that I don’t post things to as often. While twitter is free flowing I sometimes receive requests on Facebook and LinkedIn from people I do not know. I am happy to connect with and meet new people online if we share interests or experiences, but I will often neglect or reject requests from people I am unfamiliar with.

If you are trying to connect and do not know me, the best thing to do is send a short introduction letting me know why you want to connect when you send your friend or LinkedIn request. That way I have some context for the request and our relationship and am more likely to accept it. However if I don’t accept you do not despair, my Facebook and Twitter feeds are mostly open and you are free to linger as a follower unless you harass me in which case you will probably be blocked.

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