Matt's Holiday Gadget Guide

November 26, 2013

As a gadget geek people tend to ask me what they should get or consider getting others for Christmas. People have different price ranges and preferences but I think that it is worth highlighting some of the underrated products:

Wacom Intuos Pen Small Tablet (CTL480)

  • I have used the older Bamboo model for a year or two now. It costs under $100 and works well with Pixelmator or your preferred photo and image editing applications.

Automatic Link Smart Driving Assistant - I have been using this gadget since it was released over the summer. Besides giving you access to data about and being able to reset the check engine lights, it also helps you improve your fuel economy. Beeps scold you for going above 70MPH or braking too hard. I found my driving performance became smoother after installing this gizmo.

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player - I have been using the Chromecast to watch YouTube videos on an old HDTV. It involves little hassle and works great after setup. For $35 it can even be a cool stocking stuffer.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Black for iPad 2 and iPad (3rd/4th generation) (920-004013) - If you know someone with an iPad, a keyboard cover like this one makes it much more useful. The new model is $100 but they all connect via bluetooth so you can still use the cheaper cover with the new iPad Air, it will just not connect to the new iPad like a cover the way it will with the older models. There is also an iPad mini version as well. When I go on vacation I now only bring my iPad with the keyboard cover.

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