Caucus Week(s)

July 15, 2013

If you are involved in Connecticut politics you might sit on your party’s town committee. And if that is the case then this week or next week is probably caucus week for you. Caucus is how each of the party committees endorse their preferred candidates for election in November. The procedure for this varies by town and city but generally members of the town committee get to vote on the endorsement. If enough people think a different candidate should be put on the ballot in November then there will be a primary so that all the party members can choose their candidate(s).

This is also a good time for candidates to introduce themselves to their base and ask for support both in the form of money and volunteering. Town committee chairs try to make sure there is good attendance at these events to maximize the legitimacy of the endorsements and make sure the word gets out. If you want to see part of the local political process you should attend your local caucus and see the endorsement process in action. If you want to find out when your caucus is you can stop by where public notices are posted in town hall or call your town committee chair.

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