Fixing the Tweetbot Permission Denied Error

September 23, 2012

I recently bought Tweetbot to replace the official twitter application on my iPhone and iPad. The app is great with many features that the regular twitter application lacks like the ability to mute hashtags or people in the timeline. It also makes it easier to navigate conversations on twitter and share links. I was happy with it until I got this error:

I was frustrated and tried the suggested fix of rebooting on their support page but saw nothing. However I finally went back through the @tweetbot feed on twitter where they recommended the following fix which worked:

So try revoking tweetbot access from your twitter settings and then logging back in from the application and you should be good to go again. Hopefully this problem does not repeat itself.

Update: After a day the problem repeated itself. So I contacted their support again. Hopefully they will have other ideas.

Update 2: The folks at Tweetbot assure me that they are investigating this and it will be fixed soon. For more updates check out


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