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October 23, 2011

I found this article by Colin McEnroe in the Courant today be be especially on point. Blogging regularly and making insightful commentary is a difficult exercise. While writing a post like this is rather simple, involving a quote and a few thoughts hastily thrown together, the truly insightful and interesting stuff requires more research and multiple drafts. I know it’s unlikely that people notice this blog considering the frequency of the posting is irregular, but I still consider it worth the writing practice.

I spend a lot of time out in the Digital Disneyworld, and I dont see much breadth or depth of opinion writing. Many blogs are spottily maintained, and few argue a point for more than 50 or 60 words. The Connecticut blogosphere often looks like chaos in Genesis 1:2 — formless and empty with darkness over the face of the deep.Theres a lot of "stuff," but not much rises to the level of an opinion piece on an op-ed page. There are noteworthy exceptions such as Don Pesci, who publishes damn nearly daily on his conservative site "Red Notes From A Blue State." Ezra Pound he is not, but Pescis posts usually go on for at least a few hundred words of essayish prose.I could name seven or eight Connecticut sites where somebody, on a regular basis, writes recognizable commentary, but no more than that.

via Op-ed fills void: The Courants op-ed page filled a void in 1976 and still does - Courant.com.

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