Walking the Reservoir

July 12, 2011

One of Connecticut’s not-so-hidden gems is MDC Reservoir #6 in West Hartford. It is a little out of the way but the 20 minute drive was worth it. The weather was warm but with a breeze it was quite comfortable. I walked it with a high school friend of mine and we just kept exploring. Some of the trail was more beat up than other parts, but I did notice that they were doing some work around the entrance. The walk makes for a nice change of pace from going to the gym. Also I enjoy observing some of the wildlife about the trail. The last time I was there we encountered this turtle and watched with amusement as it attempted to walk to the other side and crawl a somewhat large hill.

Between walking the reservoir and going for a boat ride on the Connecticut River I’ve come to realize how enjoyable exploring some of the nature in the state is. What are your favorite spots?

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