I'll See the Movie but not in 3-D

July 11, 2011

Since college I have curtailed my movie theater trips. The prices have gone up and most absurdly I recently paid $15 for a ticket to see TRON in 3-D. I cannot understand why the theaters and movie producers believe that this is worth the extra price. The 3-D glasses are silly and the 3-D added little to the enjoyment of the movie itself. So I have since stuck with the standard two-dimensional experience.

I also think social networking has influenced my movie seeing activity. When the latest Transformers movie came out I did not expect a whole lot but was going to see it. After seeing all my friends roast the movie on their facebook and twitter statuses I decided against it. It seems that Hollywood is content to milk these franchises without putting any real quality into them. Luckily by waiting a week or two I can avoid wasting my cash.

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