A Tale of Two Connecticuts?

August 12, 2010

A recent Capitol Watch blog entry shares the experiences of House Minority Leader Larry Cafero campaigning door-to-door. He notes that:<blockquote><p>[C]itizens are distracted by any number of issues . . . they’re thinking about everything from getting a root canal to firing up the casserole.</p></blockquote><blockquote>“When they log onto their computers at work,” Cafero said, “They see Lindsay Lohan’s picture in the corner, and she’s doing 90 days in jail. They’re not focused now.’’</blockquote>

This presents a sharp contrast from the daily rush of commercials, blog entries, and other issues that the state’s politicos are currently pre-occupied with. However it also shows a level of disengagement by the Connecticut electorate that is disappointing. Unfortunately when talking with my less politically engaged friends I get a similar reaction. They either are not interested or believe that the politicians are the “same old” ones they’ve been dealing with for years.

I do not know what the secret to getting people excited about a Connecticut politician or just Connecticut in general. However, I think that stimulating that passion and vision in everyone will be key to the future of our state in the coming years. Otherwise jobs and young people will continue to slip away.

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