Student Trustee Results

May 09, 2010

Just wanted to share a copy of the e-mail I sent out about the student trustee election results (below the split).

Dear Friends,

I was waiting for an official announcement to be sent before I sent
this but since it seems that may not happen I wanted to inform you
that Adam Scianna (a Civil Engineer at Storrs) won the Graduate
Student Trustee election. I want to express my sincere gratitude to
everyone that supported me, voted, and sent kind words. It meant a lot
to me and I enjoyed the opportunity to hear your stories and concerns
about our school as I campaigned. While I will not have the
opportunity to tackle these as student trustee, I will continue to
stay involved in other ways.

As always you should feel free to contact our competent and hard
working SBA representatives if you have problems or suggestions for
things on campus. They work hard for you and I know they are more than
happy to try and address problems or suggestions you might have.



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