New Beginnings

September 10, 2018

While autumn does not technically begin until September 20th, in my mind it starts after Labor Day. After years of going to school I have come to associate September with new beginnings. This year the new beginning involves the departure of my manager at MAPC.

My friends cheekily sent me this tweet:

Change is bittersweet, however. The certainty and stability that existed with knowing how my current manager works is now gone. It will likely take a little bit of time for the team to settle into some new rhythms. At the same time we are looking for a new manager. I am excited at what skills and experience a new manager might bring to the position and how it might shape the future of our team. The fun part about being in a small team is that each person can have a big impact on how things work. So if you are reading this and want to chat about working at MAPC, drop me an email.

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