Walking the Reservoir

One of Connecticut’s not-so-hidden gems is MDC Reservoir #6 in West Hartford. It is a little out of the way but the 20 minute drive was worth it. The weather was warm but with a breeze it was quite comfortable. I walked it with a high school friend of mine and we just kept exploring. Some of the trail was more beat up than other parts, but I did notice that they were doing some work around the entrance. The walk makes for a nice change of pace from going to the gym. Also I enjoy observing some of the wildlife about the trail. The last time I was there we encountered this turtle and watched with amusement as it attempted to walk to the other side and crawl a somewhat large hill.

Between walking the reservoir and going for a boat ride on the Connecticut River I’ve come to realize how enjoyable exploring some of the nature in the state is. What are your favorite spots?

I'll See the Movie but not in 3-D

Since college I have curtailed my movie theater trips. The prices have gone up and most absurdly I recently paid $15 for a ticket to see TRON in 3-D. I cannot understand why the theaters and movie producers believe that this is worth the extra price. The 3-D glasses are silly and the 3-D added little to the enjoyment of the movie itself. So I have since stuck with the standard two-dimensional experience.

I also think social networking has influenced my movie seeing activity. When the latest Transformers movie came out I did not expect a whole lot but was going to see it. After seeing all my friends roast the movie on their facebook and twitter statuses I decided against it. It seems that Hollywood is content to milk these franchises without putting any real quality into them. Luckily by waiting a week or two I can avoid wasting my cash.

Am I Qualified to Grade Write-On?

Every year first-year students at law schools across the country participate in a ritual called write-on. I did it last summer and as a result accepted an offer to be a member of the Connecticut Journal of International Law. The next round is in and as a rising third-year student I am responsible for grading some of the packets. I think that is a joke.

Our educational system has shortchanged and underrated the ability of students to write well. In college I got As on most of my written work because professors were grading it next to papers written by students that could not properly distinguish between a singular and plural noun. In law school there is little writing. The writing I do for class, with a few exceptions, has little useful feedback. In theory law journal membership is supposed to remedy this deficiency by offering an opportunity to hone these skills. It fails miserably at this. We spend our time editing the format of the citations below the line instead of the quality of the writing above it. We are required to write a student note but receive no feedback on it. Finally our submission for membership to the journal garners no grade or feedback. The only acknowledgement of its quality is the offer of membership we receive.

As someone who has gone through a year of law school and read numerous court cases I suppose I am somewhat qualified to judge the papers. However I do not believe I am the best candidate. Having never done it before I have no idea what to look for. Even the rubric we are given is unclear. Should a misplaced comma count as a full point off in the grammar section? If there is an especially egregious use of a semi-colon is that worth a two-point deduction? I suppose I can just make it up as I go along. Meanwhile the first-year students reading this can rest in peace knowing that their write-on grades are not necessarily correlated to the quality of writing.

In Honor of the Last Shuttle Launch

JFK’s speech titled We Choose to go the Moon.


Appeals Court Tosses Media Ownership Rules

I thought that this was an interesting opinion because the FCC ended up losing in the Third Circuit based on a failure to follow something called the Administrative Procedures Act. I saw the link to this opinion at TechDirt who criticized the opinion. The authors there tend to favor the free-market and do not appear to be trained in the law. Otherwise I think they would have reflected upon and understood the importance of following these procedural regulations. The authors of a statute always have reasoning behind it and here I believe the authors wanted to allow the public time to have input on the rules promulgated by the government. It’s not an unreasonable demand and the FCC’s counsel should have been aware of it.

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