People Working From Home May Be More Productive

From FiveThirtyEight:

Bosses’ reluctance to let employees work from home persists despite the widely reported findings of a study by Stanford and Beijing universities that showed home workers were more productive.

Many larger employers in Connecticut have moved to a work from home model. Aetna and Pitney Bowes both have programs where workers can work from home and they rent desks or conference rooms in the company office when they need them. The USPTO has a program where its patent examiners work from home after their first-year. This allows its employees to live anywhere in the country and do their work. Working from home is a practice that works well for existing companies. I think more places that are able to should allow it.

Statistics Done Wrong

An interesting online book about statistics and the typical things that people get wrong, with examples.

Hank Green on Interviewing the President

A few days ago I watched the YouTube interview of President Obama. I thought that it was well done but apparently the mainstream news media did not. This lead to an incredible rebuttal by Hank Green:

I may be biased here, but I feel like there’s an actual and honorable goal in all of this. America needs to convince young people that there are good reasons to be civically involved. Millenials are soon to be the biggest hunk of the electorate and, if the mid-terms are any indication, they simply don’t care. And that shouldn’t be surprising since no one is connecting to them in the ways they connect with each other or talking about issues that matter to them from perspectives they can identify with.

A Data Driven Approach to Weather Forecasting

Given today’s snow storm I thought I would share how I keep track of the weather. My favorite source of weather information is and its iOS companion app Dark Sky. These applications seem to be the cleanest way to view weather information. They also have a transparent data driven approach to local forecasting. However I also pay attention to Ryan Hanrahan on twitter. He does a great job of explaining the forecast and intrepreting the data.

Connecticut New Leaders Council

Last year my friend Wade Gibson asked me to help him build a Connecticut chapter of the New Leaders Council organization. Wade and others put much work into building up our chapter. These are the kinds of things that require teamwork. Money had to be raised, venues secured, candidates interviewed, curriculum developed, and a communications strategy executed. This was not a small task, it was a year in the making.

Tomorrow we will have our first fellows training session in New Haven. We have an impressive inaugural class. They are giving up their weekends for the next few months for this project. They will be Connecticut’s future leaders. Some will go on to serve on local boards and commissions. Some may run for the legislature. I hope we end up with some that run for Congress or Governor one day.

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